Google it: CSR

Google has an extensive list of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Specifically, Google is focusing on generating youth-led social initiatives in China. Google encourages young people in China to take on leadership roles and actively participate in socially responsible activities by competing in the Google China Social Innovation Cup competition. Google China Social Innovation Cup for College Students is a competition […]


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Putting a Cap on Cyberbullying

Coca-Cola has a rocky corporate social responsibility (CSR) history. In the past, Coca-Cola has been criticized for its negative impact on the environmental (e.g., pesticide contamination, water use, and packaging). In response to the negative publicity, Coca-Cola has spearheaded various CSR sustainability initiatives. See the company’s website showcasing some of the great sustainability work being done. Recently, Coca-Cola […]

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Dear Rosie, You’re Making Great Strides in the CSR Movement

more working women = increased CSR initiatives? Gender inequality in the workplace has a significant impact on the corporate social responsibility (CSR) movement. According to a report on, “…new data from Harvard Business School suggest that gender-inclusive leadership and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are linked.”  Researchers found that companies without women executive leaders contributed less to charitable […]

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Pass Go! And collect 200 CSR points

You are probably very familiar with Hasboro Inc., the board game company best known for creating childhood toys such as Mr.Potato Head, Monopoly, and G.I. Joe. What you probably don’t know is that the company: has had zero product recalls in over 5 years made over $14.5 million philanthropic donations fosters a community of volunteerism with 75% of employees involved […]

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Kill the “Kill the K-Cup” Movement

Growing consumer interest in eco-friendly products has led various companies to invent new environmentally conscious products. For example, Patagonia is embracing this trend by creating high-end outdoors equipment made out of recycled materials. Other companies have had more difficulty in adapting to new consumer preferences. One particular concern for consumers is eco-friendly product packaging. Consumers find themselves asking: Is the packaging recyclable? Is it biodegradable? Could […]

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The Corporate World’s Very Own Riot Grrrl Manifesto

When Kathleen Hanna, of the band “Bakini Kill” wrote the politically charged Riot Girrrl Manifesto (1992), she started a movement. She questioned male dominance in society and empowered women to speak out against injustices. Hanna’s declarations are echoed by various big businesses their corporate social responsibility (CSR) missions today. Companies such as Always, Google, Pantene, Under Armor, and Verizon are […]

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#Trending in CSR: Unselfish Selfies

In honor of the anniversary of the infamous 2014 Oscars selfie, I will shed some light (in the form of an iPhone flash) on the most innovative ways that companies have incorporated the “selfie” trend into their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) work.  Samsung– When Ellen DeGeneres’s celebrity-packed Oscars selfie garnered over 3 million retweets, many people questioned […]

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Shoe Shopping Your Way Through CSR

Just yesterday I was on a shoe shopping expedition with my mother. In a room overflowing with high heels and sneakers, we narrowed down our options and made our final purchasing decisions based on to the following categories: Style Comfort Price TOMS Shoes has added a fourth category to the mix: Social Impact. Blake Mycoskie founded TOMS […]

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