Pass Go! And collect 200 CSR points


You are probably very familiar with Hasboro Inc., the board game company best known for creating childhood toys such as Mr.Potato Head, Monopoly, and G.I. Joe. What you probably don’t know is that the company:

  • has had zero product recalls in over 5 years
  • made over $14.5 million philanthropic donations
  • fosters a community of volunteerism with 75% of employees involved in community volunteer programs
  • utilizes various sustainability practices such as zero PVC in any products and zero waste to landfill in the manufacturing process)

(Check out more highlights from Hasboro’s 2013 CSR report)

The company’s environmental CSR work is showcased in the video below.

Hasboro Inc. continues to set new CSR goals for 2020 such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, and energy use. Other companies should look to Hasboro as a model when working towards developing successful CSR programs.


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