“Goodness is the only investment that never fails” 

– Henry David Thoreau, American writer

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A company’s sole mission is no longer to only provide a service or product but also to create a positive social impact in our community. This Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) movement has been spreading at a rapid pace as more and more companies are jumping on the CSR bandwagon. This blog will keep you updated on the newest and most innovative ways that companies are incorporating exciting CSR-related initiatives into their daily operations. It’s not longer all “big bad business.” Let’s explore some incredible ways in which companies are taking on a larger responsibility in the global community!

About the Author

Nina Mermelstein


I am currently a senior at Johns Hopkins University studying Public Health, Entrepreneurship & Management, and Marketing & Communications. Throughout my college experience I have had the opportunity to participate in community service initiatives and work with local Baltimore non-profit organizations. My educational background and commitment to social justice have led me to become increasingly interested in the CSR movement. I look forward to learning about the unique ways in which corporations incorporate and execute social justice programs and about how companies communicate their CSR initiatives with consumers.

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