#Trending in CSR: Unselfish Selfies

In honor of the anniversary of the infamous 2014 Oscars selfie, I will shed some light (in the form of an iPhone flash) on the most innovative ways that companies have incorporated the “selfie” trend into their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) work. 

Samsung– When Ellen DeGeneres’s celebrity-packed Oscars selfie garnered over 3 million retweets, many people questioned if the selfie was a pre-planned product placement ploy by Samsung. Although the selfie was taken on a white Galaxy Note smartphone, Samsung denied involvement in any product placement scheme. Samsung took advantage of the attention and made a strategic CSR decision. A Samsung spokesperson made the following statement about the selfie: “In honor of this epic moment and of course, the incredible response of nearly 3 million retweets, we wanted to make a donation to Ellen’s charities of choice: St. Jude (Children’s Research Hospital) and the Humane Society (of the United States).” The company said it would donate $1.5 million to each charity.

Dove– Dove released a short documentary titled “Selfie” at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival as part of the company’s Campaign for Real Beauty CSR movement. The documentary follows a group of girls and the methods that they use to hide their insecurities while taking selfies. The film aims to boost female confidence and to urge all women to see their natural beauty.

Axe– The Axe Peace Campaign is aimed at empowering young people to “improve the world they live in through simple, yet powerful, acts of love and peace.” Axe utilized various social media trends, including the selfie, to spread the word about the Axe Peace Campaign. The company urged young people to upload selfies of themselves kissing their loved ones, enemies, or Axe products to social media forums with the hashtag #KissForPeace. All of the selfies uploaded were entered into a contest to win a free trip to Berlin.


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